Blessed Are They Who Thirst

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It’s Victorian Dazzle Days in Fredonia and I stumbled upon these two girls raising money for Rural Ministry. What a wonderful take on the lemonade stand! It was a hot day and the juice was absolutely refreshing as M. and I walked home from the Farmer’s Market and the events (Croxton’s historical puppet show, Civil War re-enactors, antique dealers) in Barker Commons. We thoroughly enjoyed getting out and chatting with friends and neighbors. This is connection as deep as any yogic connection we might develop. Yes, we need to develop that inward connection; we need to foster self compassion and love–those are the first priorities, but then we need to allow ourselves to open wider so that we can feel one with the local and world-wide community. After all, what one feels, we all feel, if we allow ourselves that sort of sensitivity in this hard-edged world.

While M. and I were out and about, enjoying village life, I don’t need to say that there are so many in need, so many who who are unable to kick back and enjoy a summer day this way. Please take a look at the compassion-in-action links and offer what you can to these worthwhile organizations. I will be adding more as they come to my attention. In the meantime, the Fredonia Yoga Club has come to consensus that we’d like to support the Schools for Peace Program. When the Friday afternoon Happy Hour begins in September, all donations will be sent to support that program.

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