Yoga poem

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yoke of body and mind, connection to earth and sky,

sun and moon,

a stretch, a meeting of edges, growth,

this moment and this,

inverting the usual–body, thought, reality,

a twisting into life, into truth, a transformation,

an opening, a deepening, a long draught of air,

a bending in many planes of existence,

an energy, an equanimity, an attitude,

a breathing into challenges, a smiling joy in discipline,

conscious awareness, a vision,

pushing away from the past, pulling into the timeless present,

healing old scars, pacifying old aggression, calming agitation,

meeting the inner core of contentment, peace, bliss,

the heart of compassion, the heart of empathy,

the circle of all beings,

learning to love,

yoga, union.

Lotus (Portland OR - DKG)










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  1. wildflower

    I hear a happy quiet here
    a salving for worn-out wounds
    the serious depths of this poem’s water
    yet bright with smile, with
    shafts of light laughter

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