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  1. Veronica

    I think I first heard of Joni Mitchell almost 40 years ago.
    Of course I was a baby at that time…. 🙂

    Well, maybe not exactly a baby,
    perhaps more like 19 or 20 years old.

    Anyhow…I had two of her “albums” I played constantly.
    One was “CLOUDS” (which had her self portrait on the cover) and included the song ‘Chelsea Morning’ and the other album was “BLUE”.
    Anyways, it so happens that a few weeks ago, I was on THE Netflix movie rental site and found

    What most interested me while watching this DVD was the way she went on despite certain life changing/challenging situations….
    and also her oil paintings.

    After watching the documentary DVD and now rereading her lyrics…
    (I still have the albums)…
    certain of her words/phrases began to make sense…
    I believe that so often she was writing/painting out of her own pain. She is a survivor!

    It was good to see this video of “Clelsea Morning” so soon after watching the DVD. Thank you.

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