Yoga Month

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For those of us who still live in linear or clock time, please join the celebration of Yoga Month! On the lower bar of the video above, there is a menu of short interviews of many different people sharing what yoga means to them. Though we are late to participate in the official month’s activities, we can still jump into the cultural movement inspiring a healthy lifestyle and contemplative life.

It’s a great time to share the gift of yoga with folks who, traditionally, have not been a part of the community: elders, kids, prisoners, mentally ill, rural folks, etc. I’m sure you can name a few more groups who’d enjoy the benefits of yoga and meditation. Perhaps you have family members who would love to learn some skills for increasing their awareness and happiness while alive on this planet. Offer what you’ve learned or invite them to join you in your class. If you are a teacher, you may want to look beyond the typical studio arrangement and bring your skills “out of the box” and into……. wherever! The river is wide and the currents are many.

Here in Fredonia, the Friday HAPPY HOUR relaxation and meditation has become a wonderful way to end the work week and begin the weekend. Collecting all proceeds for an international non-profit group adds an element of opening compassionately beyond our personal needs. The seeds of yoga practice grow!

Can we, as a culture evolve into a more peaceful, caring, and aware group? We, as individuals, certainly can – that is born our again and again in the lives of yoga students everywhere.

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