Breath poem

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Wilmington NC Foxglove (carolyn)

every single breath

moist inside

and without time

every single part of every breath

musky the inhalation,

a pause

where is my mind?

the exhalation egregious

sultry or smooth, silken or salty,

another pause – maybe – or not




who taught me to breathe?

this in breath comes faster,

no pause

sighing out breath

was there a first breath?

releasing all that’s past, begin breathing out,

whose heart feels or weeps?

fresh and fecund, begin to breathe in,

where does breath arise?

does wind return?


I have no memory of breathing

what is this air?

this needlesharp inbreath,

this outbreath clogging my throat –

who is breathing?

curled mushroom -cape carteret NC (carolyn)
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