Springsteen, Halloween, and Yoga Practice

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This is our day – a day to enter the dark side of human consciousness. A night to explore the moon shadows in our existence. Meditate on all of your faces, not just the snappy one you wear to work.

What do you look like at your lowest level of being?

Can you embrace the parts of yourself that you are afraid of, the aspects you don’t want to see when you look in the mirror?

Yoga teaches us to bring together the sun and moon – and that that is our power. Acceptance is the first step in becoming who you truly are.

water eel skeleton found at Lake Erie State Park - Halloween 2008

I walked Lake Erie Park this afternoon with one of my dearest friends. Suitably, for Halloween, the beach was littered with beautiful dead loons, bloated corpses of carp, and spines and skulls of deer, fish, rodents, birds, and the goddess knows what-all. We walked the sandy cemetery searching for bits of shining beach glass that was strewn among the corpses and shale. Talk of tumors, breakups, friendship, regrets, pine knots, and menstruation wove threads like the crazy quilt conversation between two good friends so often does.

All of a piece – this life. Yoga: I feel more alive than ever, and yet practice being more dead than imaginable.

The sky was as blue as a dream and the maples blazed auburn and gold. The water rocked us in its endless murmur of abundance, complexity.

A side note: The video Bruce Springsteen posted as a gift since he didn’t decorate his Rumson home and he’s not going to open up for trick or treaters this year. I have my own stories of growing up on the Jersey shore near the Pine Barrens. I was the cook for the Children of God back in 1972 and it was my job to cover the stove, hiding whenever a plane flew overhead. We didn’t want the FBI or the Black Panthers or retaliatory parents to find us. Freaky stuff for a 17 year old.

Anyway, Bruce and the band played at ALL of my little Catholic high school dances (remember when kids went to dances?). I complained to the student council pres: Why did we have to have the same band all the time and he replied that it was because they were SO GOOD!

I didn’t fully appreciate The Boss until a couple of years later, living with a bunch of college students in a shared house in Ann Arbor. They played all of those early albums relentlessly and eventually so did I. His lyrics echoed so clearly what it was like growing up under the boardwalk.

Hope you enjoy your All HAllOW’S Eve. Let it teach you about yourself. It’s all part of the practice. If you can, share with us what you learn.

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