halfmoon haiku

Half-Moon over Ring Road (barefoot photos)

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Jay’s post on Yoga for Cynics.

A friend always tells me when I’m being Zen-like and irritating…particularly when, just after yoga class, I seem unable to form a solid opinion about where we should go for beer…wanting simply to flow along with others’ plans like a babbling brook…or something…and I appreciate that.

Meditating, I

become a pain in the ass

to all of my friends


My response: Half-Moon Haiku!

Old body flies through air,

stretches stiff limbs into joy —

Awakened freedom

2 thoughts on “halfmoon haiku”

  1. Haiku is so hi-cool. I love the rhythm and serenity of it. All poetry makes you work. That’s why it exists. Haiku sends you a little deeper into your emotions while engaging your intellect. I once wrote a radio commercial about an attraction in Portland, Or. – A Japanese garden – all in haiku. i felt so hi-cool. GQTM

    Thanks for the holler.

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