bird watching poem

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Bird Watching

The red-breasted nuthatch

persistently flies

to the feeder

then dips returning

to the broad boughs of pine

Snow falls on top of old snow

All of it silent

and cold-turning-wet


the sleek nuthatch spirals

around a tree trunk

foraging for insects

Snow drifts on snow

The bird searches for food

and the world spins and spins

and spins

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4 Responses

  1. Wonderful poem! I can see his flight, a dance through the winter air. Beautiful!

  2. Jorge, Thanks for the sweet comment. Isn’t the nuthatch so much like us, though? We just keep on searching while the world spins its own merry way. We, humans, are so puffed up with our won self-importance, but in the scheme of things…..

  3. A beautiful scene is created in the poem. To be honest I feel it.

  4. Birdy, Glad you felt the poem. Poetry does have the ability to transport us – one of the reasons I love it so!
    Thanks for visiting; come back soon.

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