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lilyLaughing Yogini has been linked to a couple blog awards by the fabulous BLISSCHICK, my neighbor on the web. Just in time for Valentine’s Day XOXOXOXO What a perfect way to begin my warm and fuzzy journal!

The big blank book was sitting on my desk, waiting  to be filled up with good stuff because some of us — and I won’t mention any names here, but you know who you are — need ways of reminding ourselves that we are as multi-faceted as any shimmering jewel. Now how YOGIC is this??? The point being that when we feel like crap — we also feel divine — somewhere.

The creation of the warm & fuzzy (or a COMFORT JOURNAL as virtual lifecoach diva, Jen Louden calls them) collection can then become a physical reminder that there always exists places, happenings,thoughts of beauty in our lives. These don’t go away just because we woke up feeling like a MACK truck and ran through the day like a MACK truck filled with cayenne-laced diesel!

In bloggy spirit, I am passing on these awards.

triple_awards-300x225Here are the Rules for the recipients:

1. Put the logo on your Blog.
2. Nominate at least 10 Blogs that show great Attitude and/or Gratitude.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this Award by commenting on their Blog.
5. Share the love, link to this post and to the person from whom you received your Award.

SVASTI, A Journey from Assault to Wholeness







I’ll post on the art award tomorrow (gotta go teach now!). In the meanwhile, check out these cool sites by sisters journeying alongside you. And be sure to tell us what you find.

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  1. Well thank you Caroline! Very kind of you to think of me… 🙂

    Svasti’s last blog post..Black Valentine

  2. Thanks so much for thinking of me Caroline. I hope you don’t take this badly because I certainly intend no offense. I am honored that you selected me but I won’t be participating in this meme. I stopped participating in them last year when I finally mustered up enough courage to express the fact that I don’t like either memes or awards. The real objective of any meme or award is to give others backlinks and I’m fine with that. I accomplish the same thing by including dedications at the end of some of my posts. Thanks again for thinking of me. As I think of you I’m smiling and sending you a big HUG.


    timethief’s last blog post..Love the one you’re with

  3. Thank you Caroline! I’m really honored to receive an award from such a Yoga-doyenne as you are 😉

    Lily’s last blog post..Attention please. Me switching to English language for this post.

  4. I really don’t know how to say this without sounding hokey, but I find you inspirational. You have this energy about you that I can feel even just by reading your blog, it’s really something. I really mean that. Thanks for filling the world (and the internet) with your energy. I hope you don’t find me too cheesy.

  5. Svasti and Lily: It’s been MY pleasure to get to know both of you and your blogs. Peace and Light to you both.

    Leanna, So wonderful to hear from you here. Valentine’s Day is certainly the day FOR cheese, if there ever was one. And really, all I can say is THANKS and I guess I’m doing my job, which is all we each need to do, huh?!!

    If we each practiced sharing the energy that is who we are (whew – that’s a mouthful!) IMAGINE how utterly BEAUTIFUL the world would be. 🙂

  6. timethief, Thanks for your honest and I might add, brilliant, voice here. At first I thought perhaps it wasn’t appropo to post your comment (actually wasn’t sure you meant it to be posted publicly) but as I thought more, I realized that you have really valuable insights here and it would be good for other bloggers to think about and perhaps even engage in conversation about these awards.

    In yoga and meditation we put a lot of stock in the purity of our intentions. Keeping our awareness tuned in to whatever intention is informing our current actions is a GOOD THING. So I’d like to remind everyone to take a moment to clarify their intentions before awarding anything to anyone. It’s so easy for the mind to trick us into thinking we are doing something selfless, when in all reality, we are just acting upon another selfish motivation.

    Backlinks (and popularity contests too), notwithstanding, I still think that sometimes it can be affirming to be mentioned in regards to an award – or as you and others do, in posts from a peer. Being included in a blog carnival can also help to point a blog author in the right direction.

    All of these can be ways of saying, hello, I really like what you’re doing! Perhaps none of them are as strong a message as the awards that are voted upon in the blogging community, but each is a very real pat on the blog. It’s a little help from our friends on the bloggy path. It’s a way of building community in this world-wide village of bloggers.

    Much joy to you for your beautiful efforts to inspire and engage the blogging world.

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