Shake, Shimmy and say Thank You, the Gratitude Dance

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Today I am grateful for this wonderful globe of people I can connect with online —

    Friends I am meeting and getting to know from earlier in my life as well as newbies from all over our green and blue planet

    The worlds I am coming in contact with that are so far away and previously inaccessible to me

    My totally awesome family — near and far — who can connect thanks to evolving technology

    The gift of this website/blog in my life and the ability to connect with you, my beloved readers!

    My little tiny home studio and my incredible students who class after class uplift me and teach me more than I ever thought possible

    My teachers playing the stroke/ challenge balancing act when I need it

    The piece of the universe I have been given in this life: my body,heart, and mind

    And the spring – just being able to smell the warming earth yesterday made my life all warm and fuzzy. Thank you earth momma.

    What are you grateful for today?

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  1. Y’know, I thought I’d subscribed to your RSS feed but until a few moments ago, clearly I was mistaken! Not to worry, that’s fixed now…

    Anyway, I hear ya on the gratitude front. I’ve met heaps of people through my blog (yourself included) – wonderful way of getting to know more fellow humans. 🙂

    Svasti’s last blog post..Bite me, anxiety!

  2. I am grateful for seeing this video, it made me happy!

  3. Oh that was too much fun!!! (If there is such a thing!) I am definitely grateful to you for 1-finding and friending me on blogcatalog, 2- sharing your gratitude, and 3 -highlighting it with this joy inducing video 😀
    thank you!!

    Karin Bartimole’s last blog post..Last pages of the Sketchbook Project

  4. laughingyogini, you offer your readers a wealth of topics to reflect about and ponder. Compassion speaks in the timeless, present moment. Your presence is your identity and revealing this to your readers in your own ways is one of many reasons for gratitude.

    Liara Covert’s last blog post..Patanjali & 5 steps to master your thoughts

  5. This is one of my very favorite topics–and one that I have written about several times on my own blog. Gratitude is the biggest factor in my recovery and has been for many years.

    When I first entered treatment, I was given the task of saying ‘my gratefuls’ every night. At first, I had a hard time coming up with much to be grateful for–I was so wrapped up in self-pity. Howeer, I found I always had something to bre grateful for–at first, I would simply be grateful for a drug free day. Over time, as I learned how much would be gained by recovery, my list of gratefuls grew. Before I fall asleep each night, I always say my gratefuls–it’s become a habit–and it is one that keeps me humble.

    I am most grateful for the support of my husband today–regardless of what is going on, he is a pillar of strength and support, always. I am grateful for the bridges that have been rebuilt with my family, grateful I was able to get such a great education, and grateful that I have a job I love. And I am so grateful for all my new friends in the blogosphere–my life is richer for knowing all of you.

    It’s kind of nice starting my day with gratefuls too!


    Melinda’s last blog post..Delayed Gratification Rocks!

  6. Sorry folks for taking sooo long to respond here (life happens, what can I say?)

    Svasti, hello again. Gratitude coming back to you with hugs!

    utopiaholic, I gotta tell ya that I LOVE your name. Spent some serious time studying utopia and dystopia in grad school. People should think more about creating an ideal world – maybe we’d evolve a tad faster!

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed, hope to see you again soon.

    Karin, well now, you breathe gratitude and joy with every breath. I’m glad to share your world. Thanks for being here.

    Liara, Thanks for bringing me back to myself. You have such an uncanny ability to do that.

    I am beginning to grow more comfortable with the unknowing of who I am and considering that unknowing a blessing. Without a fixed identity, we are free to BE and become whoever we ARE.

    Blessings sent your way with gratitude.

  7. Melinda, What a beauuuuutiful story. Thank you. And thanks for listing your Thank-yous publicly. It is a joy to read someone else’s list because they make me think of more aspects of my own existence that should be included in my bevy of gratitudes.

    You are so right. Gratitude is a hallmark of a positive, healthy life. Learning to make gratitude an ongoing practice, throughout the day, is powerful and transformative.

    At the end of yoga class, we often say a gratitude prayer, mentioning five things we are grateful for in our lives RIGHT NOW.

    Readers, if you haven’t read Melinda’s incredible story, GO THERE NOW :

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