Gayatri Mantra

I was sooo excited about the poetry collection I began organizing Wednesday that I entirely forgot about posting a Thursday video. So sorry to those of you who have been enjoying the Thursday visual infusions.

I’ve been receiving questions from students regarding mantra, which I’ll try to field in more detail in later posts.In the meanwhile, here is a lovely video of mantra with one of my fav chanters, Deva Premal.

This is a beautiful rendition of the Gayatri Mantra — Though I’d be hard pressed to find ANYTHING by Deva Premal that was NOT beautiful. Here she explains a bit about her unusual growing up experiences to a group of girls at the cusp of womanhood.

Parents, you may find this supportive and inspiring because if you are reading this, you probably are already a bit out of the mainstream in your child-rearing practices.

If you would like to learn more about the Gayatri Mantra, wahidudden provides several other versions as well as several more translations. Here is a translation by Krishnamurti that he cites:

We meditate upon the radiant Divine Light

of that adorable Sun of Spiritual Consciousness;

May it awaken our intuitional consciousness.

May you find blessings in this powerful and sacred prayer!

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  1. I’ve never heard Gaytri sung quite in that meter before, but yes, its beautiful.

    One of the students at the school I’m now studying with has the most amazing natural/untrained voice and last weekend she sang Gayatri for us – such an uplifting kirtan! If I can get a recording of it, I’ll post it.


    Svasti’s last blog post..In transit

  2. That’s a beautiful story about the Gayatri Mantra on the video! Thanks for sharing.

    Brooks Hall’s last blog post..Body Shadow

  3. Beautiful video, thanks so much for your post. I found it via

    take care,


    john’s last blog post..Cat House On The Kings

  4. SVASTI,
    Yes, I’d love to hear the recording. Be sure to let me know if/ when you post.
    UPLIFTING is the right word here! You may be interested in Perce’s comment on the ABOUT THE YOGINI page regarding her experience in class when I played Deva Premal’s Satsang cd.

    As a mother who raised one daughter and two sons, now grown….I am so encouraged to see Deva Premal speaking and sharing her life with girls on the cusp of womanhood.

    It’s often such a difficult transition because of the mixed messages our culture, and especially the media present to young folks (boys too!). Young people need all the help they can get in terms of alternative messages to living authentically in this world.

    Glad you enjoyed the video.

    So Happy you found me. Sorry to have removed your link – since I now use commentluv, I no longer allow links in comments.
    Looking forward to seeing more of you on LY 🙂

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