YOGA Ethics 2, Satya, Honesty

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Yoga Sutra 2:36: For one established in truth, the result fits the action.

Yoga Sutra 2:37: All the jewels appear for one who is firmly set in honesty.

Asteya includes intention behind all actions, speech and thought—not just truthfulness.

Most of the time I exist, unaware of my intentions. Yoga, however reinforces just how powerful intentions can be. Practice on the mat becomes a strong lesson in mindfulness that has begun to weave into my life off the mat. To become aware, truthfully aware of intentions is one of the most difficult lessons of my life. This means I have to deal with my blasted ego identity—yuk! who wants to deconstruct? Who wants to really admit that even when I think I’m being altruistic, I am simply feeding my ego!

TRUTHFULNESS: It’s a matter of communication — to myself and to others. It’s a way of looking at life from the perspective of “the real me” unadulterated by a lifetime accumulation of others’ voices, pressures, and agendas.

Am I truthful in my self-talk?

How can I change what I say to myself?

Do I honestly believe that what I say to myself will effect change in my perspective or actions?

What would help me speak more honestly in group situations?

What would give me courage to speak up about perceived injustice?

How often have I been silently dishonest?

Whose truth am I reflecting when I speak to myself or when I chat with my friends and coworkers?

How much does pride or previous damage inflicted shape my present speech?

Are there habits I’ve acquired which keep me in a state of dishonesty with myself or with others?

Have I noticed a deepening of a self-inquiry regarding the embodiment of satya?

Where and how do I support this practice?

Other than nonviolence to myself or others, is there anything more important for me to devote my life to at this very moment? How does dishonesty affect the eightfold path? What ties Satya to Astheya (generosity), Brahmacharya (energy moderation), or Aparigraha (abundance)?

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