Yogic Connection and Climate Change

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Yoga is about connection – both within the body (we study groups of muscles rather than individual muscles) and within the entire universe (the clay of the earth is no different from the clay the planet is composed from – the first chakra reminds us of this). So whether we think that global warming is due to our own human efforts or whether we think it is a part of naturally occurring climactic cycles, it is a documented fact that it is occurring and as yogi-nis we need to care and try to charge up our activism as much and as soon as possible.


This is a photo of my brother Dave on one of his research trips to Antarctica. The scientists were playing soccer on the ice while the ship, the Nathaniel B. Palmer, had stopped for a while awaiting resupply. In a noble effort at not disturbing the very fragile environment, the researchers were not allowed to interact with the wildlife, so all they could do was take photos, watch and attempt half-tree pose? The purpose of the trip was to take core samples of the ice to determine the oxygen levels (due to plant life which is related to amount of sunlight in the water) in the water over time.

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  1. I was inspired by your post and the picture of your brother on the ice with two wonderful souls.

    Lydia’s last blog post..I knew they lived and moved . . .

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