Lovingkindness, How full is your cup?

A sense of abundance is deeply connected with a sense of gratitude. Here I broaden the topic to include developing a sense of abundance in life. Really life is too short to live any other way, isn’t it?

I practice my lovingkindness meditation using repetition of the four line mantra:

May I live without fear.

May I live in happiness.

May I live in physical health.

May I live in ease of well-being AND ABUNDANCE.

The final two words (AND ABUNDANCE) are my tweak on the traditional phrases translated from the PALI by Sharon Salzburg. I pray for the sense of abundance to fill my life because from there I can learn to love my life and other’s lives.

The Christian term for abundance is GRACE. May I live in a grace-filled life! How beautiful that sounds. Isn’t that exactly what we want in our deepest self? And it’s a SENSE of abundance, it’s nothing physical that will satisfy this longing…only the sense that we are living abundantly that satisfies. This is the root of our power, our confidence, our joy.

Are you ready to turn your thoughts away from a poverty-mentality?

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  1. I’m working on this one myself at the moment – abundance… trusting there will always be enough. Interesting isn’t it, that the word ‘dance’ is part of the word ‘abundance’. Is it a dance, being ‘grace’-ful and light enough to accept help from whichever quarter it arrives?

    This is what I’m currently meditating on. I can’t control how I get there, but I can control my ability to trust. To have faith in this universe that occaisionally whispers things in my ear I couldn’t know otherwise.

    Svasti’s last blog post..Talkin’ to myself

  2. Carol

    Tomorrow I will make Milke’s DAL. I loved Sound of Music in Grand Central

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