How to Practice Yoga, How to Practice Life.

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In class, many of you have asked me about home practice. I sense much insecurity about practicing :”the right way.” Some have expressed fear of doing IT WRONG, worried that they’d hurt themselves.

Maybe some of this comes from over-emphasis on CORRECT alignment.

Correct alignment needs to come from inside the student.


The BEST teacher in the world can only make an educated, experienced GUESS as to what is happening inside YOUR BODY.

The first thing we do in class is sit and listen. Listen for when to begin. Listen to an inner urging to point you towards the first asana. Listen with your inner ears tuned up to how deep and long to hold the pose. Listen to how you feel before, during, and after the pose.

This listening is a type of meditation.

Try to incorporate listening into your practice and you’ll have taken a major step in understanding yoga and if you can begin doing that in your life off the mat, you’ll have leaped into becoming YOUR SELF.

Here is a short video of master teacher, Erich Schiffmann.

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  1. Yes, its very essential, to understand the self before dwelling in the practice of yoga. I had been taking classes of yoga in the past. Before starting a new session, there were long discussions, so student is able to understand his own energy play

    Devpriya’s last blog post..Energy influences!

  2. Devpriya, Glad to see you here. Listening does not necessarily mean the student “understands.” In fact, turning off the thinking mind is often key to turning on the inner voice and inner hearing. And before asana practice one needs to really cultivate opening the sensorial mind, and become very mindful of how the body-mind FEELS.

    I’m heading over to your post now to try to understand (yes, with my cognitive mind!) how, through conversation, you enable the student to come to an understanding of his or her own energy.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond here- great discussion you started 🙂

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