studying the life of the buddha as an aid to meditation

You don’t need to espouse Buddhism or Hinduism or any religion at all to practice yoga and meditation. However, we can learn much from the Buddha’s life and the practices he developed and incorporate them as a means of deepening … Continued

RUMI poetry meditation

Poetry can be used as a wonderful tool for your meditation. There is a layer of a good poem that is “off the page.” Often, we read this layer with our hearts and have a difficult time explaining that level of … Continued

Metaphors of Life and Yoga

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A preliminary list of processes in life that metaphorically relate to yoga: Eating—breathing in prana Excreting—exhaling prana Walking or other exercising—stoking the metabolic fire as in backbends, also releasing tension like forward bends, also could be dhyana,  pranayama Sleeping—metaphorically yoga … Continued