Metaphors of Life and Yoga

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A preliminary list of

processes in life that metaphorically

relate to yoga:

Eating—breathing in prana

Excreting—exhaling prana

Walking or other exercising—stoking the metabolic fire as in backbends, also releasing tension like forward bends, also could be dhyana,  pranayama

Sleeping—metaphorically yoga nidra/ restorative yoga—allowing the body and mind to heal

Dying—letting go of our grip on the world as we do in asana practice and meditation

Gardening—cultivating the body temple

Studying – focusing the mind on an object

Prayingopening to the movement of Divine Energy

Chatting on the phone—depending upon conversation, could be relaxing, union of energies

Teaching—channeling of energy, opening so shakti can flow

Traveling—keeping yourself on the edge, challenging boundaries

Writing—focusing the throat chakra energy, opening the throat

Sex—release into union, softening, allowing energy to flow

Birdwatching—becoming mindful of movement, tension, release

Star Gazing—being aware of the dual aspects of every asana:the light/the dark…

the push/the pull…the release/the holding

Emailing—minimizing excessive noise, letting go of chatter

Parenting—following & teaching the yamas and niyamas


What do you see happening in your life?

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  1. Patrick

    I don’t know if you read these guys or not but the Shambhala Sun magazine this month is all about Yoga. It’s pretty thorough.

  2. You sent me running to read the current issue of SS, Patrick (THANKS for the nudge! I love the mag.) .

    Yes, there are some interesting articles of how yoga relates to a couple of folks BUT I was hoping to start a discussion or simply a list of how YOU and I see yoga in OUR lives, specifically.

    Are you practicing OFF THE MAT?

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