studying the life of the buddha as an aid to meditation

You don’t need to espouse Buddhism or Hinduism or any religion at all to practice yoga and meditation.
However, we can learn much from the Buddha’s life and the practices he developed and incorporate them as a means of deepening our own spiritual journey.

Here is the fascinating story of Siddhartha’s life from the BBC and Discovery channel, directed by Clive Maltby. I found it on You Tube via dharmicjourney. The story of the archeological finds which helped piece together the Buddha’s human life is interesting in its own right. Hold on for the second half of the film which explains the obstacles Buddha faced during meditation and how he dealt with them.

Before you begin the film, pour yourself a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable so you can settle in for nearly an hour. It’ll be worth your while.

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  1. I’ve always found the story of the Buddha interesting and inspiring…though I don’t consider myself a Buddhist, or an anythingist…and, in fact, I think it’s suspiciously similar to stories from a lot of mythologies…kinda like the story of Jesus…but, then, actually, I think that’s exactly where the story’s value lies–if it’s not about some really special person who was different from the rest of us (because he’d been working toward being the Buddha through a thousand lifetimes or whatever, so that we should bow down to statues of him), but because his story embodies themes that run through all of our lives, and show us all possibilities…
    .-= YogaforCynics´s last blog ..Wrestling, Yoga, and That Touchy-Feely Loving Kindness Shit… =-.

    And yes, the stories are incredibly universal….One of the biggest shockers to this little mind happened while living in India and finding (this relates to your current post, Jay) that the religion of my birth had “borrowed” Hindu mythological symbols, such as Shiva’s Trident as a sign of evil 🙁

    On a more positive note, stories attributed to buddha and HIS followers, such as feeding the masses from one bowl of rice, or walking on water….clearly parallel New Testament stories.

    For me, it’s not only the specific stories that relate to me little life, but also the universality of the stories that touches a chord inside.

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