The Final Goal

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If you have been practicing for any amount of time, you’ve probably asked yourself, what is the goal of all this mat-work? Is it to become a bit more “bendy?”

My answer is that BENDY is an offshoot of a good practice. You should begin to see real changes in your everyday life after a couple of months of yogic practice. The people around you should begin to notice that YOU HAVE CHANGED.

I remember quite vividly, Mike saying to me that I had become a “kinder, gentler” version of myself.

HUH? answered. It took a while for me to recognize the SELF that was emerging. How beautiful and wonderful to evolve. Truly this is a gift.

The world is evolving as well, just as individuals are moving through samsara on journeys filled with peace and love. I share with you an amazing video of two rock stars in my world: an interview by Boulder’s green blogger yogi, Waylon Lewis on his elevision with eminent Buddhist scholar, Robert Thurman. They tackle the question, Does the Dalai Lama matter? and in the process discuss world peace, Tibet, Buddhism mixing it all up with some humor and light. I don’t know what Waylon did to Bob, but the usually staid teacher was in rare form, telling silly jokes that of course the Laughing Yogini LOVED.

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  1. I think it is possible, and hope it will happen one day. Lovely article, thank you.
    .-= Teresa Silverthorn´s last blog ..My Secret Pleasure =-.

  2. I can’t seem to access the video…which probably has more to do with my typically crappy wireless connection than your blog…in fact, I suspect I should copy and save this comment before hitting submit….Anyway, I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten nicer…or, perhaps, more “bendy” on an emotional level…more able to wriggle out of those hard emotions…

  3. Jay,
    I really appreciate your technical alerts! Thanks once again.
    Since I have tech support (aka Devin) visiting this week, I passed your comment on to him and he suggested:

    I love your phrase “more bendy on emotional issues” which beautifully points to the goal. Wriggle on!

  4. Theresa,
    Welcome to LaughingYogini 🙂

    Change IS probably happening right now, though you are unaware of it.

    I didn’t notice my evolution at first, but my family did.

  5. PS I see that commentluv didn’t pick up your last blog post either! Occasionally that has happened to me when I’ve replied on other blogs, but not sure why…

  6. I am not trying to be flippant but I have trouble keeping peace in my family so I wonder how world peace can be achieved?
    .-= Shane Shirley Smith´s last blog ..Resveratrol – What You Need to Know about this Piece of the Anti-Aging Puzzle =-.

  7. Shane, That is an excellent point…in fact, it IS the point. When there is trouble brewing in your fam, you might try stepping back and looking at your response and whether you did anything to precipitate events. Remember that YOUR peace is always of tantamount importance.

    Not knowing your particular circumstances, I’ll simply share my own and hope they offer some bit of truth that helps you. I found that I was was creating a lot of unrest in my household by my emotional twirls and once I learned to calm myself, my house became MUCH more peaceful. OK, maybe it never gets quite as cleaned up as it did when everyone was running scared that Mom was going to go on a rampage, BUT the sanity, love, and peace of each other I value MUCH MORE than the physical house in tip-top shape.

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