Practice smiling breath

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I am so grateful that yoga is in my life, teaching me to appreciate each moment fully so that when life jigs its inevitable  cruel dance tugging at me to partner-up, I can connect with my breath and remember that there is a beautiful, calm, loving place within me. Through continual practice I have found it is possible to live more deeply—beyond the “rat race of survival.”

One way is to awaken each morning with awareness centered on the first inhalation.  Then, exhaling, invite a smile to fill your face.  Even on the mornings when you don’t feel like it, SMILE and BREATHE.  You embody the essence of happiness. Let that be your first prayer and intention.

If you need a reminder, write the words. Waking Up With Happiness in lots of colors and paste it beside you bed or on the ceiling over your bed where it can become one of the first things you see/ think about when you open your eyes.


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