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Thinking about trying YOGA but afraid you’re too inflexible? Is it the mind or the body that is inflexible? Or is it the heart that stalls, afraid it might just fall in love again?

I use laughter in my yoga classes as a means of “getting over myself.” That’s giving the ego a kick in the butt so I can stretch into new territory. I can laugh at how seriously I try to get into an asana, at my fumbling with language as I attempt to guide a student into a pose, at myself when I lose balance and fall out of a pose in front of the class ~ yes, it happens more than I admit.

AS we’ve been collecting and sharing intentions before class, a student commented that she’d like to live with less of an “I-ness” in her life.  Laughter might just be the ticket to move outward, to melt the walls of persona, to crumble the protective energetic barriers erected, often for very good reasons. Perhaps now is the time to let all that go with a ridiculously loud, teary-eyed belly laugh.

Another student told me recently that during a one-on-one class, when we were working on supported shoulderstand and laughing uproariously throughout, that that was the first time she’d laughed since her husband died three months earlier. The shoulderstand was unsuccessful from a physical pose point of view and from a teaching perspective, but successful on energetic and emotional levels. We agreed that it (the class) had been a lot of fun for both of us, and we still giggle remembering the evening.

I am not going to a particular class or gathering for laughter yoga; I am opening to laughter in my life and the lives I connect with, moment by moment.

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