Winter poem

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after two cloud-filled weeks, a day of sun
Black Pine Boughs with Snow (barefoot photos)

Life is beautiful. There’s treasure in every moment —treasure you may overlook unless you are aware of the impermanence of everything. Steve Ross

a red tail floats above

then slides into white-crusted firs

beyond field’s glare

something must have moved

just past creaky sumac husks

ribs of two deer lie together in snow

their heads buried beneath a drift

trampled all around by fox       mice

crows      dogs

and me

wind lashes my face raw

it’s so cold everything glitters

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2 Responses

  1. the glittering – yes!

  2. sara, Does the glitter exist when the sun doesn’t shine?…..hmmmm, guess I have to go back to Philosophy 101 😀

    Thanks for the comment. Hope the bluebirds are still a-twitter (and glittering!) in your backyard.

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