Carolyn’s Tonglen Video

Holy Smokes. There’s been a huge shift and I have finally created a perfectly imperfect meditation video. My first ever. Oh such wonderful new areas for me to grow and improve upon.

Thank you to my sis (in law) who is bravely battling cancer. You have inspired me. And inspired healing in circles known and unknown.

Blessings to all of you who are still hanging out at BarefootandUpsideDown. Would love feedback regarding this new adventure.

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  1. Perce Bernatz

    Carolyn – Thank you for the meditation video.

  2. Thanks for your ongoing support. May it be of benefit, Perce.

  3. Gail Hays

    Dear Carolyng: I liked your video meditation of Tonglen practice. It reminded me that I have some of Pema Chodron’s books. It was through her that I first learned what the path of compassion was. She just said that you could breathe the pain right into your heart and that it was a very brave thing to do. I have not really done that as of yet as I have been very busy healing my own heart. But maybe now is the time to start. Thanks for reminder. I will add the practice to my meditation. Gail

  4. Mrs. Grady, I found myself today looking for a way to channel the anxiety I feel in wanting so badly to relieve the pain of those, particularly, those close to me and yet not being able to really do anything. I coincidentally decided to check up on your website and found this – it was just what I needed. Thank you for the gift! I hope you and your family are well. <3


  5. Leanna, You are soooo welcome. Glad it was of benefit. I will say some tonglen for your loved ones as well.
    And thanks for your bright wishes. We are very well, though unfortunately Dev is quite ill with chicken pox now. I’m doing a lot of tonglen for him too.
    Really glad to hear from you. Hoping you are finding some peace. Sending love your way.

  6. Gail, Ahh, you brought up the courage it takes to practice tonglen. You are soooo right. When I teach this practice, students often find it very difficult and even frightening. But as we practice we find our hearts actually growing larger. We can grow our compassion because we don’t get so undone by the pain. We grow our ability to deal with more and more.

    And yes, now is a good time to start. I will say some tonglen for your heart to heal as well. Love to you, carolyn

  7. Gratitude for your presence, Gail. It takes a lot of courage to face into our own pain. It’s often much more difficult than facing someone else’s distress. Practicing offering yourself compassion is the first and most important part of tonglen. Healing our own pain not only begins the journey, it often IS the journey. On a more practical level, the way we treat others is a mirror of how we treat ourselves. Personally, I find that mantra very challenging. I often do not want to face how lousy I am to ME. Thank you for your practice and love.

  8. Leanna, Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your ( and Gail’s) comments). Somehow I am just now seeing them. Yes, the pain of the world will always be here. So,how do we respond? Do we turn away, ignore it’s presence, and run? Do we become so overwhelmed by it, that it consumes us and we dissolve into pain ourselves? Do we face it, piece by piece, however much we can manage at one time, and allow it to dissolve both within us and perhaps alleviate the pain in the other? The choices we make, breath by breath, shape us. Through lovingkindness practices, rather than growing anxious at the prospect, our heart and lives expand into the fullness of compassion.

    We are all well and thriving. Breathing thoughts full of love and well-being your way as well.

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