January Meditation

1990WNYwriter-in-residence2015– Spend some quiet time relaxing, allowing intentions for the year to surface. Preferable, you will have at least an hour, more is better.  I go in and out of this meditation through a day or a couple of days thinking of the coming year and who I want to be during the year. There are no strings attached if I don’t actually become this person or fall short of my intentions. Only kudos for where I DID move. The actions I took were part of an intentional strategy — that’s what’s important. WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE….WHO IS THE TRUE YOU…..Reach deep….go for the juiciest self that arises! Look fear in it’s face and write it down. How cool is that!!!!!

You can do this anytime, not just at the new year. How about during the first semester of college or grad school? Or when starting a new job, or moving, or after giving birth? It’s always a plus to re-group and re-align with that true self.

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