Tree in the Shower!

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IMG_1384Years ago, one of my students shared her experience of practicing tree pose as soon as she got out of the shower every morning. She had been struggling with the pose in class and was amazed at how much easier it became when there was skin to skin contact. Especially when the skin was still a little moist from the shower.

Gradually, other students took up the practice. I, for some reason could never quite remember to do it at that time. About a month ago, I began having trouble with tree. Couldn’t figure out why I could no longer stick my foot on my thigh! It just seemed to be slippery….was I using too much lotion on the winter dry feet? Was it the pounds I gained over the holidays? Was it some kind of ear or ankle issue? Whatever it was, I just wanted my Tree back!

So one night (yes, another of my 3 AM practices) I tried the pose as usual. Nada–no luck without using the wall for support. So I tried taking off my jammie bottoms and VOILA! A beautiful tree grew stable and blissful.  That became my tree practice for a while.

In the meantime, the subject arose again in class and someone mentioned that they actually do the pose IN THE SHOWER. I thought that was pretty radical and would stick to my nocturnal bliss….until this morning when I had an urge to try once the shampoo was rinsed.

WOW! It was GREAT… much easier than ever. Next time, I’ll have to turn off the faucet before going up so there’s not so much water wasted. But really, it was cool. Try it and let us know how it went for you.


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