The new/old studio!

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DSC04254We have fully transitioned from the Dunkirk Studio into the lower level on Holmes Place in Fredonia. It was a bit sad, I must admit. BUT there are advantages as well. For instance, we have the ropes available for student use.  I’ve had fun showing folks how they can make use of these props to gain better alignment in the poses, especially for creating space in the vertebral disks. I’ll post about that specifically at a later date. Meanwhile, we are back to being a club, so members’ input is highly valued. ….well, it always was, now more so.




Our class schedule is nearly the same as it was: Monday 7:30 PM, and T/Th 10 AM The exception is that I’ve been taking a break from teaching on Saturday mornings. That will resume sooooon, (once my company is gone) ,I promise.





Hope you can join us in a class this week!DSC04258

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