Neck trick

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Neck tightness is pretty much endemic to the information age. Softening all of those knots is not so easy, however. Here is an Oprah video by noted Yoga teacher, Jill Miller showing us some neck rotations using a dish towel. … Continued

Hot Yoga!

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With the temperature tipping 97 degrees Fahrenheit in Mannheim,  and no AC in our apt. , a cooling pose like supported shoulderstand on the couch really helped. Not only did it take the swelling out of my feet, it deeply … Continued

Beginner Yoga Sequence A

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1. Centering ~ Spend a few moments coming into your body. Sit in Hero or Simple Cross Legged Pose with a lifted spine. Use a block, cushion or several books beneath your hips to encourage the pelvis to tip forward. … Continued

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