truth and beauty, are they all I need to know?

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Thinking about how beauty and truth intersect. . . . .It’s a classic. Yoga poses are inherently visually striking when performed well. One of the rewards of teaching yoga is to catch a student in a pose that is BEAUTIFUL … Continued

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25 Random thoughts about Laughing Yogini

Since I’ve been tagged repeatedly by FaceBook friends, I’ve gotten the message that I should provide a little more “personal” type info. for my beloved readers! So here goes, round two of 25 random thoughts…. 25 Random Thoughts about LaughingYogini … Continued

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Benefits of Inversions, Modified Shoulder Stand

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When the elder yogini grinned up at me from her head on a blanket on the floor – her legs up in the air of the studio – her backside securely perched on the folding chair – I could see … Continued

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Beginner’s Mind and Body, one-legged yoga

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Day after day, month after month, year after year, practice can grow stale and arrogant if I don’t re-invigorate mind and body in what zen master, Suzuki Roshi refers to as Beginner’s Mind. In yoga asana practice I need to … Continued

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