The Teacher

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It is generally recommended that a practitioner, whether yogi, meditator, or both, work with a teacher. After my first teacher, who was a another student at the Catholic high school I attended, I practiced for many years on my own, … Continued

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Why Yoga Class?

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In a sense, there are two types of yoga classes. Yes, there are other ways of distinguishing yoga, but I’ll try to clear away what I have found to be common mis-perceptions regarding students’ reasons and expectations for coming to … Continued

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contentment sutra

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of contentment. It’s an old topic, one the ancient Indian sage Patanjali included in his Yoga Sutras. YOGA SUTRA STUDY (trans. Bouanchaud) II.42 samtosad anuttamah sukha-labhah Samtosat: through or by contentment Anuttamah: … Continued

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