sutra 1.39, choosing meditation

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1:39 Patanjali: yathabhimatadhyanadva Bouanchaud:Choosing meditation according to one’s affinities also brings mental stability. Iyengar:Or, by meditating on any desired object conducive to steadiness of consciousness. Fuerstein:  Or restriction is achieved through meditation (dhyana) as desired. Desikachar:  Any inquiry of interest … Continued

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October Practice Journal

Occasionally, it’s helpful to look at the trends in your practice over time. For me, this month started out with a focus on the inversions of downward facing dog, headstand, shoulderstand, and plough, but then, when I experienced more and … Continued

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Niyama 5, Spirituality, Ishvara pranidhana

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Sutra 2.45: samadhi siddih isvara pranidhanat Samadhi: contemplation. Siddih: power, accomplishment, realization. Isvarapranidhanat: through devotion to the Lord, positive behavior and the ritual act of devotion. Contemplation and its powers are attained through worship of God. (trans. Bernard Bouanchaud, The … Continued

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