fall dandelion haiku

I am tackling the NANOWRIMO challenge this month, so blog posting has taken a back seat, I am sorry to say to my loyal readers and friends. However, what a great time to begin a haiku-post tradition expanding Laughing Yogini’s Poetry tradition? 

There is a great tradition of linking haiku and meditation, particularly zen practice ~ look for a post on that topic AFTER November. Photo coming to this page soon.

In the meanwhile, I recommend you check out Mahala’s Friday Flowers. How I could ever have the audacity to post any of my flower pics after seeing her incredible PHOTOGRAPHIC  MEDITATIONS is something I may figure out in the next life.



single dandelion

chilly autumn morning breaks

monotonous green



halfmoon haiku

Half-Moon over Ring Road (barefoot photos)

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Jay’s post on Yoga for Cynics.

A friend always tells me when I’m being Zen-like and irritating…particularly when, just after yoga class, I seem unable to form a solid opinion about where we should go for beer…wanting simply to flow along with others’ plans like a babbling brook…or something…and I appreciate that.

Meditating, I

become a pain in the ass

to all of my friends


My response: Half-Moon Haiku!

Old body flies through air,

stretches stiff limbs into joy —

Awakened freedom