Embodied Intelligence

What happens when the body wakes up achy and tired? When practicing yoga is the last thing on the mind? After a strenuous practice last night compounded by a sciatica flare-up, I woke up in precisely this shape this morning.

Fortunately, there are many faces of yoga and that is exactly the day NOT to skip practice. I sat on the mat and began a short meditation.

And then listened. For what the body prompted. It wasn’t the practice I thought I should do. But then it rarely is. After a couple of shoulder stretches, the tightness in my shoulders softened. A mindful forward fold released my cranky back. I continue to be amazed at what intelligence is embodied within.

With the achy muscles residing, I was able to continue. Not much more, but enough. Just what my bodied needed.Today.

The practice that started out tired and achy became an affirmation of listening within. I settled into the knowing that I have much to learn. A practice I need to return to often.listneing

A 2013 Mantra

Wind Sprite Studio Panterra WestfieldNY (c) 2012 barefoot photos
Wind Sprite
Studio Panterra
(c) 2012 barefoot photos

Continuing the practice of choosing a word for the year, this year two words speak to me: Listening and Softening.

While repeating them to myself, I realized that they made a mantra that would help me practice listening and softening.Here it is:

On the inbreath, I listen. (Or simply the word, listening)

On the outbreath, I soften. (Or simply the word, softening)

I’m in love with my mantra, which I think means, it’s meant for me :-)