Niyama 3, Tapas, Heart Fire

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Yoga sutra 2.43: kayendriyasiddhirasuddhiksayattaapasah Kaya; the body. Indriya: the eleven sense organs, including thought. Siddih: power, perfection. Asuddhi: impurity. Ksayat: by the destruction, elimination. Tapasah: discipline, asceticism, austerity. By eliminating impurity, a disciplined life brings perfection and mastery to the … Continued

Metaphors of Life and Yoga

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A preliminary list of processes in life that metaphorically relate to yoga: Eating—breathing in prana Excreting—exhaling prana Walking or other exercising—stoking the metabolic fire as in backbends, also releasing tension like forward bends, also could be dhyana,  pranayama Sleeping—metaphorically yoga … Continued

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